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Re-construction continues at I Must Be Hallucinating, as well as on our family of websites.  Since 2009, we are continuing to collect data on all sorts of different subjects and are looking forward to bringing you more fascinating and unusual information, facts and fun!


We hope that you enjoy our posts as our writers bring news, movie reviews, talk about books, cosplay, and more.  Feel free to leave your comments to any post. 

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Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions of things you'd like to see on our site, or with any questions you may have about our publications.


If it goes bump in the night, or there's a monster under your bed, we'd love to hear about it.  Did you hear a werewolf howling in the night, perhaps while you were at a UFO landing site?  Maybe angels or faeries were spotted defending someone from a dragon.  Or, deep in the woods a witch, a vampire and Bigfoot were witnessed performing a magical ritual.  After all, we're all about the facts AND the fiction of all things strange and unusual.  Who says a paranormal, extraordinary, thrilling, scary, and/or psychotic event can't be fun as well?


Welcome and enjoy! 


We're ready to believe.  Are you?

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